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Blue light:

has been shown to kill surface virus’s like acne, MRSA and cold sores and the right blue, can increase serotonin production in the brain.


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Red light:

is best known for decreasing inflammation, increasing collagen production and tightening the elastin layer. 

The FDA has allowed for over 20 claims to be made for the benefits of red light alone.



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Amber light:

is best known as a key wavelength for collagen production, and it can help increase drainage of the lymphatic system.


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Green light:

increases nutrient transfer through an increase in circulation. 

This helps to detoxify the skin of free radicals, waste products and pigmentation (spots) from the skin cells and out of the body.



Used Everywhere, Because it Works 

LED Light Therapy has been documented to work on everything from Parkinson’s disease, kids with cancer, macular degeneration, healing wounds, the acne, cold sore and staff virus’s, nerve cell regeneration, bone healing in dental applications, pain relief, cellulite, hair regrowth and more……as well as helping you create flawless skin. 

LED Light Therapy has been used on the international space station by NASA since the 1980’s, and is used in hospitals, university medical centers to help people recover from a broad range of conditions. 

It is fast becoming a staple in high end spas and medi-spas, skincare clinics, dermatology and plastic surgery centers to help patients seeking anti-aging through more non-invasive and less expensive, yet effective non-surgical facelifts. It is frequently used in medical offices to help their patients accelerate healing from laser resurfacing, surgical facelifts and sun damage.


Like Photosynthesis for Your Skin 

When a plant has been left in a dark room for too long, it begins to die.  The leaves quickly lose their vitality, sag and discolor. Put the plant back in sunlight, and it quickly recovers. While we need the right light for our health, we are spending more and more time inside.  We wear sunscreens, hats and clothing that effectively hide our skin from the beneficial wavelengths it needs to flourish. Your skin needs the right kinds of light, and research has shown that different colors or wavelengths create different healing signatures.


Here are some studies about the benefits of LED Therapy: