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Dr. Yamamoto's Blog

January 23rd
This question comes up a lot lately, and I think it’s important to understand the main differences between skin care products that you can by over-the-counter (OTC) compared to those that you can only purchase from a doctor’s office.The key is…
July 26th
Summer is in full swing! By now you have undoubtedly taken advantage of what Northern Nevada has to offer in the summer including hiking, biking, and the beach. How are you taking care of your face during the summer months?One of the most common questions…
May 16th
More often lately, I have patients come to my office asking, “What is a liquid facelift?”This has been a very popular topic and is worthy of some discussion. “How can I get a natural lift without surgery?” With the advances of derm…
December 12th
The Perfect Face, part 4Now that we have discussed facial symmetry, Golden Ratio proportions, and celebrity features, we will address what is probably the most loaded topic of our series.  How does “the perfect face” differ between cultur…
October 26th
In pursuit of the perfect face, we have discussed symmetry and facial proportions using the Golden Ratio. In part 3, we will depart from more scientific analysis and discuss what patients really want.When patients come to see me in consultation about spec…
September 30th
Last week, we started our series on the pursuit for the “perfect face” and discussed symmetry.  This week, we will focus on facial proportions and what people consider to be ideal.So how do we do this? Obviously, attempting to determine a…