mission statement/core values

At Sierra Nevada Cosmetic and Laser Surgery, it is our mission to combine innovative, cutting-edge technology with a traditional standard of excellence. We will treat all of our patients with courtesy, respect, and compassion. It is our goal to provide outstanding service to our patients in a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Core Values Statement - The FACE Principles:                                     

  • Focus
  • Accountability
  • Care                           
  • Excellence

Our Seven Core Values:

  • We respect and care about each of our patients and want them to have an enjoyable and fun experience in our office.
  • We understand that coming to a medical office to talk about your face can be intimidating and stressful so we strive to make the experience as welcoming and relaxing as possible.
  • We focus on always offering the treatment that is best for the patient, not always the one that is the most expensive or most advanced.
  • We believe that education is just as important as the treatments themselves.  Our goal is for every one of our patients to fully understand the products and services we provide.
  • We believe in being accountable and available to all of our patients.
  • We take pride in being a well-respected small business in Northern Nevada and recognize the importance of working together with others to build a better community.
  • We work hard to maintain a standard of excellence in our practice that defines who we are and how we want to be viewed in our community.