Ear Surgery


Ear Gauge Repair

A current trend in facial plastic surgery is repair of gauged earlobes.  These are earlobes that are stretched from years of using progressively larger ear gauges.  Over time, the skin of the earlobe can stretch and expand quite a bit, leading to some ear gauges that can be up to several inches in diameter.

When the time comes that you no longer want to wear your ear gauges, the earlobe skin can be left sagging and floppy.  The natural contour of the earlobe is lost and a noticeable gap from the ear gauge can be seen.

In order to regain the curvature of your ear, a gauged earlobe repair is performed to reposition the skin and reconstruct the earlobe.  Depending on the amount of stretched skin you have, different incisions and rebuilding techniques are used.  The ultimate goal is to reconstruct your earlobes to a shape that is just like the ones you were both with.  The incisions are carefully designed to hide well within your ear.

This procedure can be done under local anesthesia in the office.  Some bandages are worn on the earlobes for a few days and sutures are removed one week later.  You can also re-pierce your ears, if desired, two months later.



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Average Procedure Time: 1 hour per ear

Recovery Time: 14 days

Post-Op Follow up: 7 days



Some people are concerned about their ears sticking out too much.  Kids will often get teased by others for having "Dumbo ears" where they protrude from the side of the head.  While this can be a source of anxiety or torment for children or adults, the problem of protruding ears can be corrected with surgery.

Reshaping of protruding ears is called an otoplasty.  In this surgery, a combination of removing cartilage and/or special suturing is used to reshape the ears to a more natural and symmetric appearance. This procedure can be performed in children as young as 5 years old, but is also commonly done in adults.

All incisions for the surgery are hidden behind the ear.  A headband is worn to protect your new ears for about one week after surgery.  In a very short period of time, you can enjoy your new, better shaped and proportioned ears.


Plan Your Procedure

Average Procedure Time: 2 hours per ear

Recovery Time: 14 days

Post-Op Follow up: 5 days


Torn Earlobe Repair

Often done to repair an earlobe that has “torn” from long term wearing of earrings. This is carefully repaired using special techniques to prevent a noticeable notch at the bottom of the ear. Earlobe repair can be done with local anesthesia in the office. The patient can have their ears re-pierced 6 weeks after the procedure.



Plan Your Procedure

Average Procedure Time: 1 hour per ear

Recovery Time: 5 days

Post-Op Follow up: 3-5 days