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Skin Resurfacing (Phoenix-15 Fractional CO2 Laser)


As our skin ages, the collagen and elastin that gives it the qualities of being soft and stretchy start to breakdown.  In addition, sun exposure over many years accelerates the process of losing the smooth, tight skin we enjoy in our youth.  Skin’s texture becomes more rough, sun spots form, and fine lines become more prominent.

Treatment for skin aging includes skin resurfacing. While there are many treatments to resurface and rejuvenate the facial skin, laser peels have become the gold standard for both being highly effective and providing the best overall aesthetic results.  This treatment can be performed on the entire face as well as the décolletage.

So what is involved in a laser peel? And what is a fractional CO2 laser?

The best way to understand the laser treatment is to think of aerating a lawn.  Past-generation lasers were more like mowing the lawn—the entire top layer of skin was removed with the laser.  These treatments were effective, but carried a higher risk of scarring and pigment changes. The new-generation of lasers are fractionated—this means that the lasers are designed to “poke” small holes in the skin in a regular pattern.  The holes remove a layer of old skin, but leave intact areas of skin around it (just like poking holes in a lawn during aeration).  The result is an equally effective laser treatment compared to lasers of the past, but with minimal risks of scarring and pigment changes.

A laser treatment here consists of first preparing the skin with a regimen designed by Annette Sonntag, our esthetician.  This skin care regimen not only improves your skin before the laser, but also enhances the overall result.

Numbing cream and cool air are used during the procedure to ensure maximum comfort.  After the procedure after-treatment care directions are provided.  With good care at home, you can be recovered from the procedure in 4-5 days.  While a short amount of “down time” is required for this procedure, the results will be better and more noticeable than any basic chemical peel you may have had before.

A free consultation with Dr. Yamamoto will help you determine if and when skin resurfacing with the fractional CO2 laser is right for you.






Plan Your Procedure

Average Procedure Time: 30 mins to 1.5 hours

Recovery Time: 4-14 days

Post-Op Follow up: 3-5 days