Total Facial Rejuvenation

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Total Facial Rejuvenation: Youthful Contour Enhancement with Dr. Yamamoto


We are excited to announce Total Facial Rejuvenation: Youthful Contour Enhancement with Dr. Yamamoto!



During your consultation with Dr. Yamamoto, you will have your chance to address specifically what bothers you on your face and what your desired results are or what you would like to see changed. The Total Facial Rejuvenation package is personally tailored by Dr. Yamamoto and you to fit your desires and your budget. The Total Facial Rejuvenation package is comprised of a series of injections that address the key to a youthful face, restoring volume in areas that have lost it over time. This is a more comprehensive approach to the traditional facelift procedure aimed at full facial rejuvenation. This addresses the whole face rather than just altering parts here and there for a more natural-looking and complete result.


Dr. Yamamoto performs all of the injections done here at Sierra Nevada Cosmetic and Laser Surgery due to his extensive training in the use of many different kinds of facial filler products and he was an apprentice to Dr. Louis DeJoseph, one of the top facial filler injectors in the world. In addition, he has developed a “needleless injection” technique with micro-cannulas for many of his injections.


This procedure is ideal for those who aren’t exactly sure what they are specifically looking for in facial rejuvenation or just an all over youthful facial enhancement.


This procedure can be done in the office with almost no downtime!